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Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others:

How grateful are you for your personal life:

How comfortable are you with changes in your personal life:

Do you confide about your problems with people in your life:

Are you satisfied with your work culture?

Do you feel like you are able to take initiative and leadership opportunities at work?

Do you think boundaries in the workplace are important?

Do you feel inspired to innovate or suggest ideas in your workplace?

Do you feel supported in your social circles?

Are you able to empathize with other’s emotions?

Do you contribute to a debate or a conflict?

Do you think you approach all people with an openminded attitude?

Do you think you are spiritually healthy?

Do you think your spiritual life is connected to all aspects of your life?

Are you able to adapt to changes in perspective in your life?

Do you often wish that your life would be different?

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